About Us




Berkshire Consultants a small start up limited company offering customised business consultancy services to develop bespoke and practical solutions to move businesses in right direction maximise their full market potential. The objectives of the company involve offering business consultancy services to small and medium sized enterprises. Key services include competitor analysis, evaluation of management requirements, marketing campaigns, Branding & IT Service, Business consultancy involves offering advisory solutions to clients, wherein the operational inefficiencies faced by clients are duly resolved. Berkshire Consultants offers business consultancy as its core service. Mrs Ramla Bukhari, who would be serving as the sole Director, with a 100% ownership of the company’s shares, heads the company. Having completed an MBA degree from a reputed university, the director possesses an excellent theoretical foundation in business, which would favour the successful administration of the company. This business plan has been prepared by Mrs. Ramla Bukhari to demonstrate service prpostion, strategic focus, competitive edge and further focuses on a planned investment of £50000 after closely considering the success factors of Berskshire Consultants.

SWOT analysis showed that the academic qualification of the Director is a key strength of the company while the lack of prior experience in offering business consultancy services. Growth of technology and economic recovery of the UK were found to be opportunities for the company and the pace of economic recovery and the prevalence of competition were found to be threats to the company. The STEEPLE analysis demonstrated the presence of favourable factors, ranging from social to political & legal. Berkshire Consultants would use both conventional and online marketing strategies, for promoting their services. Budgeting, sales and cash flow forecast are also presented. A contingency plan is also provided.



Berkshire Consultants Limited has been incorporated, under the Companies Act 2006, as a Private Limited Company on the 6th June2014. Ramla Bukhari, who would be serving as the sole director of the company, with a 100% ownership in the company’s equity, would head the company. The company’s opening hours are between 9.30 am and 6.30 pm. However, employees may be expected to work additional hours during busy periods.



As explained, above, Ramla Bukhari, who serves as the Director of the company, heads the company. The Director has got a strong theoretical grounding in business subjects, through means of completing an MBA degree from a reputed university. This would enable the Director to effectively administer the operations of the company.



Berkshire Consultants objective is to offer quality that will command the approval of the market it serves. The Company’s short term and long term goals include:
Commence operation by 6th June 2014
Initially target SMEs in slough followed by expanded marketing programs targeting London market.
Position Bershire Consultants as a competitive and notable service provider in primary market in Slough and its peripheries.



The mission of Berkshire Consultants Limited is to provide business consultancy services that accelerate growth, enable our clients to explore and move into new market sectors, expand business, consolidate it, accelerate profitability and increase survival of a business. This mission is focused on handling the impacts of globalization on the businesses for our clients.



Berkshire Consultants Limited intends to provide these services to small and mid-sized companies in every industry. The vision of the company is to identify three industries that have contributed to UK economy in a higher level and have faced the issues in making a similar contribution to the economy due to recession and due to globalization and the impacts of the same on these businesses and makes them to contribute in a higher level. The vision also includes recognizing companies in this segment that are not able to contribute highly and increase their contribution by empowering our employees based on their skills and attitudes.



Following a thorough diligence exercise, the company has identified the following critical success factors in the industry, which are:
Wealth of expertise and breadth of ability
High-end services to small businesses in a way that they can understand and afford.
Building a strong residual income through secondary subscription based services tailored for small business.
Establishing strategic partnership in exchange for referral fee.



The aim of Berkshire Consultants Limited is to increase the survivability of our clients. The objectives that we intend to achieve in this regard are as follows.
To provide consultancy services to small and medium sized companies in every industry that improves their profitability and competitive advantage.
To provide consultancy services to more than 50 companies in Slough in the first six months.
To increase the clientele who avail our services from 50 – 100 in the subsequent quarter.
To use traditional marketing measures like word of mouth in increasing our clientele
To use recent marketing trends like relationship marketing to increase the number of customers who are served by us and use technology to reach more customers.